Strategy session
Strategy session is a meeting of key persons of the company with the aim of effectively solving the practical strategic objectives of the company. The format of the strategy session depends on the size of the company, the culture of strategic management, the stage of business development and some other circumstances.

The strategy session is most often held for the following purposes:

Consult provides full support for holding strategy sessions for its clients. 

Holding a strategy session with VINT Consult usually consists of the following steps.:
  1. Preparatory stage:
    1. Company research.
    2. Identification of current issues.
    3. Forming the composition of participants.
    4. Drawing up and publishing an agenda.
  2. Session itself:
    1. Speeches.
    2. Discussions and additions.
    3. Decision making.
  3. Decision formalization.

At all stages, we will play the role of a moderator and an active participant of the process, will ensure that the initially assigned goals are achieved. Our experience and a wide range of services also allow us to provide consulting assistance in finalizing and implementing of the decisions that have been made.

Strategy session with VINT Consult means:
  • high level of organization of the strategic meeting
  • all the best experiences of our customers
  • consultations, ideas and practical examples
  • fulfillment of assigned goals
  • external view of professionals

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