Strategic analysis

Strategic analysis is futurological and fundamental study of the most important business indicators using the laws of economics and sociology.

Types of analysis
There are many types of strategic analysis. The difference mainly relates to the subject and methods of such. The most popular types of strategic analysis:

- analysis of the environment
- analysis of the macroenvironment
- trend analysis
- strategy analysis
- geomarketing research
- Gap-analysis
- PEST analysis

The results of the studies are formulated in an analytical note containing a description of the analysis and conclusions.

The strategic analysis is used to:

  • access to global markets
  • strategic or long-term planning
  • risk assessment
  • introduction of an innovative product, innovation processes
  • long-term forecasting

Methods of strategic analysis used by the team of VINT Consult:

  1. analysis
  2. simulation
  3. scripting
  4. comparison of the chosen vector with real possibilities
  5. strategic alternatives

Thanks to the strategic analysis, the client receives:

  • vision of long-term prospects
  • understanding of own place in the global market
  • assessment of the chances of introducing innovations
  • material for planning and forecasting
  • possibility of correcting actions

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