Non-executive director
Non-executive director (NED) is a member of the Board of Directors who has no personal interest in the company's business (shares, stocks, options, labor or family relations, etc.)

The presence of NED on the Board of Directors:
  • an external perspective on the issues at stake
  • balance of interests
  • the ability to decide on transactions with affiliates
  • independent performance evaluation of the Board of Directors

The competence of NEDs often includes:

  • participation in meetings of the Board
  • assistance in strategy development
  • control of senior management activities (including activity analysis and development of motivation systems)
  • financial control and risk management
  • evaluation of large transactions, investment projects, issuance of securities
  • expression of an independent vision on a range of issues (income, resources, appointments, etc.)

We offer the services of NEDs to private-owned companies. VINT Consultants during their work came into contact with many types of business, and therefore have the opportunity to perform the relevant functions on the Board of Directors competently.

Non-executive director by VINT Consult provides the client with not only impartial, but also professional expertise in making decisions, analyzing the structure and processes of the company, its activities and results, evaluating prospects, building plans and strategies.

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