Innovation consulting

Innovation consulting is advisory support of innovation processes and change management, the main goal of which is to ensure high-quality growth through the introduction of innovations.

Innovation consulting solves the issues of:

  • development of the structure and policy of innovation management
  • improving product and developing new products
  • introduction of innovative management mechanisms
  • modernization of marketing
  • digitalization of business processes
  • acquisition of highly technological resources
  • elimination of remnants
  • long-term planning of changes
  • etc.

Today, in view of ultra-dynamic progress, this service is very relevant. VINT Consult is always up-to-date with the latest news of the market, and this makes it possible to provide the best quality innovation consulting to our customers. In addition, innovation consulting often uses project management methods, in which we have extensive experience.

Basic principles of innovation management:
  1. To think like tomorrow
  2. Leadership of the client in innovations
  3. Search for unrealized opportunities
  4. Continuity of innovations
  5. Targeting future consumers

Innovation consulting is provided in the form of consultations, plans, programs, engineering of innovation processes, building an innovation management system, consulting support for the introduction of an innovative product, changes, improvements.

Having addressed to us for innovation consulting, the client receives:
  • effective management of changes and innovations
  • the ability to make cardinally important decisions
  • a plan for change and innovations
  • qualitatively new products and resources
  • modern business

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