Business strategy

Business strategy is a long-term development plan with a growing horizon of time, modeling all modes of survival in the long-term projection, topical innovations, growth forecasts, risk assessment and risk management methods, innovative competitive opportunities. 

The existence of a business strategy is necessary for any company for basic self-determination from the very beginning. Business strategy is a plan with an unlimited period, but it requires periodic renewal (3-10 years depending on the internal and external environment). Specialists of VINT Consult at the highest level prepare and correct all types of business strategies.

Purpose of the business strategy:

  1. definition of perspective landmarks
  2. positioning in the market
  3. setting and implementation of long-term goals
  4. development of approaches to innovative management and risk management
  5. planning for future improvements

The main principle of any strategy is adaptability. Business strategy can be called a corporate charter of adaptability.

The process of developing a business strategy
  1. Strategy session, with the participation of strategic consultants of our company, as well as owners, top management and other key personnel of the customer company.
    1. study of the foundation of your company
    2. collection of necessary data, examination of opinions
    3. joint definition of the motion vector
  2. Strategic analysis of the received information.
  3. Formulation of mission, vision and business model.
  4. Writing other parts of the business strategy.


  • a long-term development plan
  • clear self-determination in the market
  • adaptive action program
  • understanding of risks and trends
  • the growth of reputation in the eyes of staff and counterparties

Business strategy will provide an opportunity to calmly engage in current tasks, to easily plan tactical development and be confident in the future. This is the company's universal plan for the present, the future and the distant future.

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