Security consulting
Business security is always important for owners and managers, because it is associated with the success and reputation of the company, profit growth, fair competition, business scalability, and sometimes even with personal security.

VINT Consult provides security consulting. We have assembled a team of security professionals with experience in both private companies and government agencies and organizations.

In addition, we have partner organizations: a law firm, an auditing company, a cybersecurity company, a certification body. Partners allow us to provide end-to-end security services for business. Each of the partners offers a security solutions in their specific area.

We provide the following security consulting services:
  • Security Management
  • Security Assessment
  • Security Assessment
  • Security Business Process development (Security Design)
  • Development of measures to neutralize negative PR
  • HR Security
  • Anti-corruption audit and consulting
  • Corporate Training in the field of Business Security

Security consulting is relevant for both small & medium-sized businesses and corporations & financial institutions. 

Why choose us?
  • professional team
  • the most relevant and modern methods of research and problem solving
  • a wide range of narrow-industry partners

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