Outsourcing – the transfer of the functions of a staff unit (or several staff units) by  an organization to another company specializing in these functions on the basis of a civil law contract.

The following positions are noticed as advantages of outsourcing: 
  • external view of internal processes
  • opportunity to concentrate on the creation and the development of the product
  • provision of services by several specialists
  • transfer of functions to persons with a proven background
  • most often, the cost of outsourcing is equal, and sometimes even less, than the salary of the relevant specialist
  • there is no need to pay taxes, to provide a social package or other benefits for an outsourcer
  • staff reductions for benefits

However, as with any tool, outsourcing is not universal. Accordingly, it is not always a more profitable option for organizing a business process than an inhouse model. To make a decision on the transfer of a specific functionality, it is necessary to study in detail the business processes and organizational structure of the company, explore the market for outsourcing services in the chosen direction, assess costs, financial and management risks, conduct a comparative analysis.

VINT Consult provides consulting services for building outsourcing in the company:
  • developing an outsourcing strategy
  • full support of the transition of process
  • esearch of offers in the market of outsourcing in one or several directions
  • study of the company's business processes in order to establish the need for outsourcing, to delimit processes (for those that should be left within the company and those that need to be outsourced)
  • comparative analysis of outsourcing and inhouse models under specific conditions
  • selection of outsourcing model
  • outsourcing transition plan
  • transformation of business processes, organizational structure and organizational culture, in connection with the transfer of a number of processes to outsourcing model
  • selection of an outsourcer
  • financial advice when concluding an outsourcing contract
  • performance audit of the existing model of outsourcing

VINT Consult provides quality consulting in the field of outsourcing, because:
  • as well as outsourcers, we are representatives of the b2b sector
  • we use business process outsourcing by ourselves
  • we have experienced business analysts in our team
  • we are well acquainted with the outsourcing market
  • we have partner organizations providing business process outsourcing

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