Organizational structure

Organizational structure is a complex of elements (positions, structural subdivisions, management bodies) and their interrelations, without which business functioning is impossible. The organizational structure is actually exist in every company. Other question: whether it is realized by structural units? And more importantly: is it effective?

Poor organizational structure generates managerial problems. The most common flaws in the organizational structure are:

  • performance by one employee of several functional duties
  • the implementation by several persons of overlapping functions
  • lack of clear linkages
  • different understanding of the structure by management and staff
  • reflecting personal relationships on business relationships

All these defects are due to the lack of regulation of the company's structure, less often with illiterate fixing of the functional.

What do we offer?

1) Structuring – a service for designing an organizational structure. It is a construction of the scheme of interrelations of functional positions and fixing of functional duties for each position (the position represents a certain set of combined functions with a certain location in the management structure).

2) Restructuring – a service to review and formalize the organizational structure. It consists of studying and constructing the functional scheme as is and designing the functional schema and instructions as to be.

A formalized organizational structure is an indispensable element of a successful business. It needs to have one organization, in which at least two people work. It allows you to correctly plan the working time, the number of personnel, distributes responsibilities and areas of responsibility, demonstrates the direct subordination of personnel and differentiates them by teams.

A number of Belarusian companies offer services to work with the organizational structure. So what are our advantages?
  1. availability of authoring technologies for the implementation of the organizational structure
  2. lack of linkage to the existing structure in the course of restructuring, impartial assessment of prospects
  3. consideration of functional positions of founders, outsourcing companies, which in most regulated structures remain invisible

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