Management system

Management system is a set of processes, plans, mechanisms and tools of the company management. The practice of management and management consulting has developed many concepts for the design of this system. They are successfully applied and operate in many companies. VINT Consult is well acquainted with these concepts, but offers the client an individually designed, unique management system.

A complete management system includes:

  1. internal business model  
  2. general methodology of company management
  3. external factors affecting the internal environment
  4. organizational structure 
  5. business process management system 
  6. controlling system 
  7. KPI 
  8. recommendations for managing business elements
  9. other nuances (individually)

The project of the management system is a huge package of documents. Building an effective management system largely depends on the precise execution and timely updating of its content.

The development of a management system is time-consuming. It includes most of the tools of operational consulting modeled initially as is (as is), and then - as it should be (as to be). The team of VINT Consult has more than once in practice mastered all these tools. It will be easy with us!

Apply for the design of the management system is necessary:
  • when starting a business
  • in case of significant changes in the activities
  • in crisis
  • when buying a ready-made business
  • at the start of a new line of business
  • if the management system has not been transformed for 10 years or more

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