Corporate groups
Corporate group (group of companies) is a union of parent and subsidiary organizations that have a common management and control system.

The concepts "corporate group" and "group of companies" sometimes have a different meaning, sometimes used as synonyms. It depends on the context, as well as on the legislation of the country in which the group is located.

For example, in Belarus, the activities of corporate groups as a union of legal entities with certain opportunities and privileges are regulated by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of December 28, 2009 No. 660 “On some issues of creation and activities of holdings in the Republic of Belarus”, and a group of companies is an informal association of firms.

In addition, there are similar concepts: business group, financial and industrial group, financial conglomerate, etc. The concepts "corporate group" and the "group of companies", as well as other above-mentioned concepts, will be used below as synonyms.

VINT Consult provides consulting on structuring of a corporate group. It consists in creating the most favorable model for the functioning of a corporate group, group of companies.

The complete consulting package for structuring a corporate group includes:

  • building the structure of relations between the companies belonging to the corporate group
  • creation of a cash flow management model
  • business process modeling with the distribution of such process between the companies belonging to thecorporate group
  • design of the organizational structure (job positions in the relationship) of management of the corporate group
  • development of a consolidated marketing strategy (including marketing budget, promotion strategy, branding policy)
  • writing uniform organizational culture rules
  • risk management policy making
  • creation of a unified business development strategy (business strategy of corporate group)
  • necessary business consultations
  • support of the introduction of innovations

Such services are useful in the following cases:
  • the need to increase the manageability of a group of companies
  • during mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • introduction of a unified management of companies owned by one owner (one group of owners)
  • allocation of subsidiaries
  • expanding of types of activities with the creation of new business units

Our partners, if necessary, perform the following tasks:

  • legal firms: legal consulting on structuring of a corporate group
  • tax advisers: tax advice
  • IT companies: process automation

The result of consulting on structuring of a corporate group will be:
  • high manageability group
  • saving time and finance through a single management system
  • general business process standard
  • synergistic effect

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