Controlling is a system of management tools that perform checks on key performance indicators and monitor the progress of work for the purpose of such verification.

Instruments of controlling in various combinations are:

  • automation of business processes and workflow
  • management accounting and reporting
  • budgeting
  • Board of Directors
  • Revisory committee, Inspector
  • audit
  • introduction of posts responsible for control
  • project management system
  • plan-fact analysis
  • video surveillance
  • "secret worker"
  • KPI, BSC
  • benchmarking

Controlling is aimed at increasing the availability and effectiveness of owner and management control. Within the scope of consulting services in the sphere of controlling, VINT Consult offers: controlling consulting, analysis of tools, development of controlling systems, selection of controlling instruments, reengineering of controlling, introduction of a controlling system or its individual components.

These services are most relevant:
  • if there are several businesses in possession or management
  • when the company is managed remotely
  • when the staff is large
  • when working with expensive material values
  • for owners, investors not involved in business management

With the controlling system, the customer is always calm. The probability of fraud on the part of employees, of improper performance of their functions, of sabotage and offenses decreases. Also there is an opportunity in a constant mode to monitor quality of carried out works and the accepted decisions.

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