Promotion is a series of events aimed at increasing sales and increasing the recognition of the company, product, brand in the market.

Today, development is impossible without promotion. The emergence of a large number of promotional tools is positive in terms of increasing opportunities for promotion. But among these means it is important to choose suitable and competently to develop it.

VINT Consult offers its clients consulting in the field of promotion: promotion consultations, development of a company (product, brand, project) promotion plan, analysis of promotional tools, selection of promotion tools, promotion budgeting, selection of contractors for promotion.

Marketing communications serve as promotional tools:

  • advertising
  • PR
  • digital marketing
  • promo actions
  • sponsorship
  • loyalty programs
  • direct marketing
  • sales promotion
  • cross-promotion
  • etc.

Broad partnerships allow us to offer the customer the best quality marketing communications from proven service providers. We estimate not only the marketing effectiveness of various promotion options, but also their financial feasibility.

Promotion consulting provides the client with:
  • a program of action to promote
  • the most effective marketing mechanisms
  • optimal costs for promotion
  • accompanying consultations on any issues



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