Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is a plan to maximize sales and increase competitive advantage in the long term. It highlights the development of the five main pillars of marketing (4P + B): 

  1. promotion
  2. product
  3. price
  4. distribution (place)
  5. brand

Marketing strategy is a document containing a detailed description of the current situation and actions necessary for the development of the company in the market.

Marketing strategy is …

  • various solutions for development in the market environment
  • program of marketing activities
  • marketing management tool

Such a document is needed from the very beginning of the firm's activity and is subject to annual renewal.

The marketing strategy includes the analysis of the situation on the market, the description of marketing activities (including the direction of development in the market and the calendar of marketing events for the current period), development methods and individual marketing elements. In addition to purely marketing nuances, this strategy includes: a marketing budget, a system for managing and monitoring marketing activities.

VINT Consult is engaged in writing, refining, adjusting and examining marketing strategies. We offer our clients the most daring and innovative ideas for organizing the company's marketing. The design of marketing elements occurs in a relationship, and this provides a systematic approach to the materialization of the strategy. Also, our team can take care of the implementation of the marketing strategy and the function to control its execution.

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