Marketing research

Marketing research is a form of studying the most important market indicators for the business using the laws of economics and sociology. This type of business research makes it possible to: understand the market, learn more about competitors and customers, start or complete a certain type of activity, determine the price, organize sales and promotion, plan development effectively, monitor the current situation.

Marketing research can be of different types:

  • demand study
  • proposal research
  • media monitoring
  • ad tracking
  • analysis of the chances of risk
  • price research
  • study of competitors
  • enterprise capacity analysis
  • audit of distribution channels
  • analysis of advertising activities
  • «mystery shopper»
  • etc.

In accordance with the methodological approach, two groups of types of marketing research are distinguished: qualitative and quantitative.

The methods that we use:
  1. poll
  2. observation
  3. experiment
  4. simulation modeling
  5. method of expert evaluation

Upon completion of marketing research, a conclusion is being prepared. It contains a description of the research process, the methods used and its results, as well as the conclusions and recommendations of the consultants. According to the contents of the report, if necessary, clarifying consultations are provided.

Based on marketing research:
  • important business decisions are made
  • business plans and marketing strategies are being developed
  • he company's marketing activities are optimized





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