Distribution consulting

Distribution consulting is consulting support for the construction, management and optimization of distribution channels.
Distribution channels are a set of links on the way from the producer to the consumer.

Methods of organizing of distribution channels:

  1. structural divisions, branches, representative offices of the company – all sales processes occur within the company
  2. subsidiary companies – distribution processes occur outside the organizational structure of the company, but under the control of the parent company
  3. resale operations (dealership, distribution) – the dealer/ distributor purchases goods from the company and resells with a surcharge, it is possible to sell under the brand of the company or without using brand components
  4. trade mediation (agency, assignment, commission, consignment, brokerage, net mediation) – the sale is organized by the intermediary on its own behalf or on behalf of the company, the intermediary does not purchase anything, its earnings are commission fee
  5. franchising – the franchisee buys a brand from the company and works according to the rules defined by the company; at the same time, the franchisee can both buy the product from the franchiser, and produce it independently according to the set rules

Each type of sales channel has its pros and cons, can be used separately and in aggregate. When providing distributive consulting services, we primarily resort to brainstorming in order to develop a unique approach and increase the competitiveness of the client.

Distributive consulting is relevant:
  • during the opening of the company
  • if existing sales channels are ineffective
  • when planning to enter new markets or otherwise expand

VINT Consult offers:
distribution consultations, analysis of sales channels, development, revision of the sales channel system, design of a specific sales channel, support for the creation of sales channels.

Competently formed distribution channels guarantee constant sales and will enable further growth. We strive for maximum distribution of our clients' products in local and global spaces.

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