Talent management

Talent management is a fundamental instrument of human resources management of the organization, which consists in applying the most effective mechanisms of attracting, using, retaining personnel and creating an abstract image of the required human capital with planning ways to achieve it.

VINT Consult provides talent management consulting to large and small organizations in various business areas. As types of this service we offer:

  • development and implementation of talent management system
  • talent management system analysis
  • writing a talent management plan
  • selection of mechanisms for attracting, using and retaining staff
  • formation of requirements for the applicant
  • redesigning the talent management system
  • talent management advice

Talent management system will provide the company with a long-term opportunity to have the most qualified personnel in the staff.

VINT Consult is the first company in Belarus providing talent management consulting for all types of business. We have a comprehensive approach and our own methodology for talent management formed on the basis of our practice and the recommendations of foreign colleagues.

VINT Consult, LLC (Payer’s registration number 191689433)

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