Recruitment is a job of searching, interviewing, determining the most suitable candidates for a position in a company. This activity can be organized inside the company or outsourced to a specialized hr agency. Today, we often see a mixed model for building a recruitment process, when own HR department and an external outsourcer jointly perform the tasks of selecting the necessary personnel.

Our team provides recruitment services for various specializations.

Recruitment services include the following steps:
  1. Formation of requirements for the applicant.
  2. Development of employee search methodology.
  3. Job announcement.
  4. Consideration of CV (resume) of applicants. Selection.
  5. Interviewing.
  6. Trial task (if necessary).
  7. Results analysis.
  8. Determining the most suitable candidate.

When providing recruitment services, we not only place a vacancy in open sources, but also use our own database of specialists. We use a project approach in personnel search, recruitment tools and methods are determined on the basis of individual customer needs.

Besides, VINT Consult provides consulting services to build the recruitment process in the company:
  • modeling, reengineering of company recruitment process
  • development of employee requirements
  • full support of the creation of the recruitment department
  • selection of recruitment agency to solve the problem
  • analysis of the existing recruitment model in the company
  • oral and written advice on recruitment

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