Performance appraisal
Performance appraisal is a tool for measuring the performance of company employees in order to make managerial decisions to increase the level of productivity of their work.

A well-built performance appraisal system is a tool to achieve the strategic goals of the company, as well as a powerful motivational factor.

The approach to building a performance appraisal system for each company should be individual. Its basis is a corporate model of competencies taking into account the formed values ​​of the company, the scope of the business and strategic goals.

Consulting company VINT Consult offers consulting services on setting up a performance appraisal system.

Stages of setting the performance appraisal system:
  1. Analysis of the effectiveness of the existing performance appraisal procedure in the company.
  2. Modeling of performance appraisal process as is.
  3. Analysis of performance appraisal process as is.
  4. Identification of existing problems and opportunities in the function of performance appraisal system.
  5. Developing of solutions for the performance appraisal procedure.
  6. Using the results of performance appraisal in other business processes.
  7. Coordination of approaches with the management team.
  8. Modeling of performance appraisal process as to be.
  9. Automation of the performance appraisal system.
  10. Implementation of a performance appraisal system.

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