Organizational culture

Organizational culture is a set of rules of behavior in the internal and external environment, in vertical and horizontal relations, which are established and observed in the organization.

Organizational culture includes:

  • position of the individual in the team
  • rules of communication between colleagues
  • the nature of the relationship between departments and department staff
  • attitude of employees to the company
  • model of leadership, relationship boss-subordinate
  • conflict resolution methodology
  • adaptation of a new employee
  • working with the client
  • tolerance in hiring and working in a team

VINT Consult offers consulting services in sphere of organizational culture:

  • writing rules or code of organizational culture
  • audit of organizational culture
  • designing programs to strengthen organizational culture
  • reengineering of organizational culture
  • addressing the problem of organizational culture
  • consultations on organizational culture

The level of organizational culture is very important for a good internal climate and additional customer convenience. Our HR consultants share best practices with clients in building an organizational culture. We ourselves have a developed organizational culture and feel its influence on the quality of business.

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