HR research

HR research is the study and analysis of key indicators in the field of personnel management, with the aim of forecasting or making decisions. Objects of research can be various determinants concerning the sphere of personnel management. Methods of HR research are identical to methods of marketing and other business research.

VINT Consult offers the following types of HR research:

  • labor market research in one or several directions
  • assessment of working conditions
  • assessment of staff competence
  • evaluation of functional positions
  • analysis of organizational culture
  • analysis of the systems of motivation, compensation and social packages
  • research of methods of personnel management
  • study of employers
  • comprehensive analysis of HR brand
  • «secret employer»
  • «secret officer»
  • evaluation of job candidates
  • benchmarking

Our consultants conduct all studies in detail and impartially. At the end of each HR research, a conclusion is issued that includes a description of the initial data, tasks and methods of research, the course of the study, its results, analytical conclusions and advice.

The above list of species is not exhaustive. We take up any HR research that our client needs.

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