HR audit
HR audit is an analysis of the effectiveness of the internal HR management system, including HR processes and HR management tools. VINT Consult offers HR audit services with the subsequent statement of HR functions.

The full-fledged construction of the HR function allows companies to avoid many problems that are deliberately laid down at the stage of search and selection of staff. 

In existing business models, the HR department increasingly assumes the full role of a business partner, which initiates strategic changes, participating in their implementation, directly affecting the financial performance of the company.

Stages of HR audit and setting HR functions
  1. Audit of the existing HR management system in the company.
  2. HR-process modeling as is.
  3. HR-process analysis as is.
  4. Identification of existing problems and opportunities in the function of HR-processes.
  5. Preparing a project of HR process improvement:
    • Recruitment:
      • development of a unique job profile for each functional position in the company;
      • selection of tools for candidates evaluating;
      • development of an individual card based on the results of the interview, which allows applying a unified evaluation system for candidates;
      • selection of effective search channels for candidates;
      • the formation of HR brand value and the development of an effective market positioning strategy.
    • Performance appraisal:
      • development of a map of competencies;
      • development/ adjustment of appraisal criteria;
      • design of the relationship of performance appraisal with business strategy;
      • implementation of Performance Reviews;
      • writing anonymous questionnaires for appraisal of senior staff.
    • Employee engagement:
      • development of a plan of initiatives for non-material motivation;
      • determination and analysis of the level of involvement and satisfaction of company employees;
      • determination and analysis of employee turnover rate;
      • introduction of an indicator of absenteeism;
      • development and implementation of a questionnaire for conducting an “exit interview”.
    • Staff development and training:
      • study the needs of staff in professional and personal areas of study;
      • the introduction of tools that determine the effectiveness of the learning process;
      • formation of HR training and development map taking into account the strategic objectives of the company;
      • implementation of the procedure of selecting a training provider.
  6. Coordination of approaches with the management team.

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