Compensation package

Compensation package is the main way to motivate staff in any organization. It reimburses temporary, labor, intellectual and other expenses of the employee for the performance of the functional duties in monetary form.

Classically, the compensation package includes: salary, commissions for the transaction, bonuses, participation in the company's profits. For each company, this package has a different pool of the above components.

Consulting on the compensation package can take the form of:

  • design of the compensation package
  • analysis and redesign of the compensation package
  • development of an element of the compensation package
  • introduction of a new form of compensation package
  • advice on the compensation package

The compensation package must correspond to the capabilities and status of the employer company, to the expectations of existing and potential employees.

VINT Consult develops a compensation package based on the principles of expediency of each of its elements, realizing that any additional costs of the client can have a negative effect. Before presenting the client with the result of consulting work on the compensation package, we look at it from the point of view of the employee and from the point of view of the employer.

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