Benefit package

Benefits (social package) is the granting of social bonuses to employees for the purpose of creating comfortable living and working conditions. Difference from the compensation package: it is provided in a non-monetary form and does not depend on the performance of a certain employee.

VINT Consult offers benefit consulting for employers. Such services include the following elements:

  • compilation of a benefit package
  • selection of service providers in accordance with the compiled package
  • administration of the benefit package

Full benefit package consists of the following units:

  1. finances:
    1. financial support:
      • full/ partial purchase financing
      • loans from the company to its employees
      • assistance in lending, leasing, etc. provider selection
    2.  investments:
      • placement of deposits in favor of employees
      • private investment assistance
    3. insurance:
      • medical insurance for employees and their families
      • property insurance
      • life insurance
  2. health:
    1. direct cooperation with medical centers
    2. subscriptions to gyms and other sports halls
    3. sports coach visit to the company office
    4. psychologist visit to the company office
    5. massage and spa
  3. food:
    1. order business lunches at the office
    2. full/ partial payment of meals at foodservice distributors
    3. outdoor gastronomic events
  4. training:
    1. courses:
      • advanced training
      • learning foreign languages
      • increase financial literacy
      • organizational culture
    2. seminars, hackathons, meetups
  5. transport and communication:
    1. paying your employees’ phone expenses
    2. delivery to the place of work
    3. company car
    4. selection of a financial instrument for buying a car for an employee
  6. recreation and entertainment:
    1. full/ partial payment of tours
    2. joint travel
    3. joint outdoor activities
    4. visit of company office by entertainment organizations
  7. additionally:
    1. discounts for visiting of some organizations
    2. baby sitter
    3. legal assistance to employees

Compilation of a benefit package
will include the selection from the above-mentioned items of the list of the most appropriate budget, desires and goals of the customer.

Selection of service providers
will be based on the balance of professionalism and the best value of the product itself. Extensive partnerships and deep knowledge of the market allow us to cope with this task qualitatively.

Administration of the benefit package
is support of the implementation of the benefit package, including monitoring of its implementation by service providers, constant monitoring of its effect, periodic research on the reaction of employees, arbitration in conflict situations.

VINT Consult are professionals in the human resources management. We know what the client needs to become a powerful HR-brand and attract the most qualified personnel.

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