Transaction support

Transaction support is service for comprehensive examination of the transaction and advice before, during and after the conclusion of the contract. Concluding a commercial transaction, it is very important to take into account all the factors affecting the further actual actions of the parties, weigh the pros and cons, maximize the beneficial effect of the contract.

VINT Consult provides professional services in financial support of commercial transactions. We undertake commercial transactions of any kind, size and in any sector of the economy. We use various financial methods. The main goal: to make the transaction as profitable for the client as possible from a financial point of view.

If there is a request, we recommend providers for legal, tax, accounting and other transaction support.

During the transaction support we:

  • we conduct financial analysis
  • assess the risks
  • check the proportionality of obligations
  • monitor alternatives
  • project cash flows
  • develop a financial model of the transaction
  • analyze and design payment methods
  • drawing payment schedules
  • lobby for the introduction of financial guarantees for the client
  • advise on the formulation of financial conditions

If necessary, we will offer schemes of installments, deferrals, discounts and other concessions on the transaction, select financing for the transaction. For a number of services and products, we can also offer a trusted counterparty from our customer base.

After signing the contract, the client can contact us for any financial advice on the concluded transaction.

Thanks to this service the client receives:
  • evaluation of the rationality of the transaction
  • alternative transaction options
  • optimal cash flow
  • favorable financial conditions

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