Managerial accounting
VINT Consult provides professional services for managerial accounting formulation of the company. Managerial accounting is a system for identifying, collecting and summarizing information that is necessary for making management decisions.

Such a system provides senior managers and owners with prompt access to reliable information, which is necessary for the following purposes:
  • management decision making
  • current business planning
  • planning changes and investment projects
  • cash flow control

We have experienced professionals in managerial accounting formulation and support, including the specialists with CAP certificate. Our consultants will take up with interest the new case and will carefully complete the assigned tasks.

Managerial accounting formulation usually includes the following steps:
  1. research of
    1. financial process
    2. accounting policy
    3. organizational structure
    4. software
  2. selection of software
  3. development of
    1. reporting forms
    2. accounting methodology
    3. financial reporting centers
    4. software
  4. regulation adoption of local acts and instructions approving the order of managerial accounting
  5. introduction

VINT Consult will solve all issues related to financial and economic analytics. And also we will automate managerial accounting.

We are ready to take on the formulation of managerial accounting in the enterprise:
  • where previously managerial accounting was not carried out
  • if the existing managerial accounting model does not satisfy managers and owners
  • in the case of mergers and acquisitions
  • in the case of consolidating accounting in holdings, groups of companies

After setting managerial accounting, we are also ready to take on the outsourcing of managerial accounting. Or carry out a search and training of a suitable specialist for managerial accounting inside the company.

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