Leasing brokerage
Leasing broker is a professional independent participant in leasing relations who, with the help of experience and analytics, simplifies the interaction between the three participants in a leasing transaction (a leasing company, a supplier of goods and a lessee).

VINT Consult provides a leasing brokerage (leasing broker services) on the Belarusian market. Services are provided both for individuals and organizations..

The services of a leasing broker from VINT Consult include:
  • advice on leasing products
  • advice on leasing companies
  • analysis of the leasing market
  • selection of the most favorable leasing conditions
  • leasing financial consulting
  • drawing up and coordinating the payment schedule
  • writing a leasing business plan
  • selection of the most profitable leasing object insurance

VINT Consult cooperates with 26 leading Belarusian leasing companies. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge and experience in leasing matters.

We provide intermediation for all types of leasing: financial, operational and leaseback. We work with the following objects of leasing: cars, special equipment, factory equipment, real estate, railway transport, air transport, sea and river transport.

In addition, we can assist in the selection of some objects of leasing (cars, special equipment, equipment). And our partner real estate company can assist in the selection of real estate.

Leasing broker by VINT Consult means:
  • saving time and effort
  • clear and profitable leasing product
  • additional consulting support
  • leasing insurance

VINT Consult, LLC (Payer’s registration number 191689433)

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