Financial modeling

Financial modeling is the construction of an abstract sample of the supposed or existing financial situation with respect to a particular object. The financial model is used to make decisions, assess existing circumstances and prospects, to set objectives.

VINT Consult is experienced in developing financial models of varying complexity and in various fields. We offer the following financial modeling services to the client:

1) financial model of budgeting – building of the enterprise's budget for the coming year. Budgeting is necessary for the competent allocation of funding for various areas of the company, assessing financial risks, plan-fact analysis, forecasting.

2) financial model of business – modeling of a financial situation in the company as is. It differs from budgeting by designing the existing situation. It is used for research, pre-sale business evaluation, business decision-making, diversification.

3) financial model of the investment project – means building of a model of a project that does not exist yet. An investment project is understood as any project that requires external or internal financing. Such a model is the best material for project analysis and forecasting. It must necessarily be used by the initiator of the project before the preparation of the business plan and other preparatory actions.

4)  macroeconomic financial model is the most complex version of the financial model. It models the situation in the whole industry or in the state. It is necessary when somebody attracts large amount of foreign investments, makes decisions about starting work in a new sphere and in case of other large-scale economic measures.

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