Financial analysis

Financial analysis is a study of the company's current financial performance, the financial component of the investment project, the financial part of the transaction or other financial issues, which provides an objective assessment of the financial condition and prospects.

There are no general rules for financial analysis. Different methods are used for each species. The main two principles that we always follow during financial analysis are the reliability of information sources and the impartiality of the conclusion.

Types of financial analysis offered by our company:

  • financial analysis of the company
  • financial analysis of the project
  • financial analysis of the transaction
  • analysis of the capital structure
  • analysis of financial risks
  • analysis of the economic sector
  • financial risk analysis
  • financial analysis of the plan
  • analysis of the counterparty's solvency
  • analysis of the source of financing
  • financial analysis of the loan program
  • monitoring of financial products
  • analysis of financial sustainability
  • other types

This service will be useful:

  • before starting a business
  • to control the financial condition of your company
  • in case of problems in business or crisis
  • during the verification of the potential borrower
  • when investing a project or seeking an investment
  • before the conclusion of the transaction
  • when selling a business or assets
  • before planning, budgeting, forecasting

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