Dividend policy

Dividend policy is a model of distribution of profit between shareholders, stockholders or stakeholders, adopted in a some organization.

Dividend policy regulates all the nuances of profit making by beneficiaries (size, date, periodicity, etc.), the amount of reinvested profit. If necessary, it can establish various bonuses for some founders, the dependence of the profit of each participant on the result, the guaranteed profit.

To consult on a dividend policy should resort:

  • if there is no such
  • if the current dividend policy does not work or does not work well
  • when a new co-owner appears with a share of more than 20%
  • in case of other significant changes in the company

VINT Consult uses financial, managerial and psychological analysis when choosing the most optimal dividend policy framework. Our consultants are experienced in the financial sphere and in understanding the relationship between business partners. We offer design, analysis, adjustment and implementation of dividend policy, oral and written consultations on this issue.

The formalized dividend policy guarantees:
  • minimization of conflicts between the owners of the enterprise
  • systematic reinvestment of part of profit
  • the ability of businesspersons to control their income
  • protection from dishonesty of companions
  • simplification of work for the financial department

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