Corporate finance

Consulting services for managing corporate finance include: financial planning, working with capital structure, working capital management, financial accounting and reporting, investment management.

The main task of corporate finance is profit maximization.

This service is current:

  • when business is enlarged
  • in case of crisis or problems in financial activities
  • if you want to increase profits at the expense of existing capital
  • when selling a company or attracting additional investments
  • when choosing between self-financing and external financing
  • if it necessary to provide financial control

The client receives recommendations on the use of various approaches to financial management, optimizes financial planning, capital structure, cash flow management system, resolves current problems of financial management.

Corporate finance consulting is a good assistant to the CFO.

Advising on the corporate finance, we analyze the existing model of financial management, we hypothesize about possible options for its improvement and offer extremely profitable solutions. VINT Consult has collected responsible and competent financial consultants, working in various fields and with clients from different countries of the world.

Corporate finance consulting from VINT Consult will give to the client:
  • an effective system of corporate finance management
  • control of the financial activities of company
  • the possibility of a successful sale of a business or an additional investment
  • resolve of financial business problems
  • increase in profits due to financial mechanisms

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