VINT Consult provides Fintech consulting. Fintech consulting is a consulting and outsourcing assistance in the field of financial technologies using knowledge in the fields of finance, commerce and IT.

Fintech is a high-tech industry focused on the digital transformation of traditional and innovative financial instruments.

Financial technology consulting:
  • digital monitoring of a financial institution
  • creation of an innovative financial product
  • development and implementation of software and hardware solutions for process optimization
  • current Fintech support for a financial institution
  • oral and written Fintech consultations

Creating an innovative financial product
Consists of the following steps:
  1. Creating a financial product concept.
  2. Marketing research.
  3. Development of functional and technical characteristics of a product.
  4. Development of a marketing strategy for a product.
  5. Technical development of a product.
  6. Market introduction of a product.
  7. Product progress support.

Fintech consulting targets the following clients:
  • banks
  • exchanges
  • insurance companies
  • pension funds
  • investment funds
  • telecommunication companies
  • private investors
  • large audit companies

Why choose us?
  • competent team at Fintech with experience in the European Union and the USA
  • understanding of the technical, functional and commercial side of each task
  • wide partnerships, allowing to implement any business project from creating a concept to the full implementation of the project on the single-window principle 

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