Cloud consulting

Now cloud technologies are rapidly developing all over the world. Any business, in order to be able to use the latest technological advances, receive timely support and be competitive, strives to migrate to the cloud.

Consulting company VINT Consult provides cloud consulting.

We see that soon all business management software will be in the cloud and we encourage companies to transfer their systems to the cloud.

Because of high-qualified IT partners, VINT Consult has the opportunity to give end-to-end cloud technology support to clients.

What are the main advantages of the cloud?

  • increase the speed of business processes
  • high level of cybersecurity
  • easy scalability of databases

According to Forbes forecasts, by 2020, about 83% of companies around the world will use the in some ways.

Today, when the popularity of remote work is growing, cloud management systems are more than ever welcome. For example, according to IWG Global research, 57% of all US technical staff work remotely. And recently, the Belarusian High-Tech Park has the opportunity to hire foreign citizens to work remotely without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Remote work is the ability to quickly scale a business without the need to open additional offices (registration, rent, administrative staff, etc. are not necessary). On the other hand, such a work model should not be in trouble, therefore, a powerful technical system for communication with personnel is needed. This is exactly what the cloud can give.

VINT Consult together with IT partners provides services:

  • cloud strategy development
  • feasibility assessment of cloud migration
  • planning and designing cloud solutions
  • cloud software development
  • cloud migration
  • cloud optimization
  • cloud infrastructure support
  • development of customized solutions
  • cloud technologies consultations

What are the advantages of solutions by VINT Consult?

  • experience in providing similar services to clients from Europe and USA
  • favorable price
  • understanding of the technical, functional and commercial side of each task

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