Blockchain is the territory of absolute truth. This technology has turned the world around and we are confident that it can benefit your business.

Blockchain is the ideal accounting system, a global ledger. With its help, any sphere of life can be made more transparent.

Basic principles of blockchain:
- decentralization
- accessibility of information
- invariability of information
It's impossible to hack blockchain!

VINT Consult offers consulting services in the field of blockchain.

VINT Consult's blockchain consulting is represented by the following services:
  • blockchain project analysis
  • analysis of the need for blockchain technology in the project
  • development of the concept of a blockchain project
  • design and development of blockchain systems (databases, exchanges, etc.)
  • blockchain implementation in existing business process
  • blockchain technical and functional consultations

Why choose us?

  • we have been familiar with blockchain since 2015
  • we understand the technical, functional and commercial side of each task
  • we have an opportunity to attract a wide range of experts

This service relates to technical blockchain consulting and development. If you are interested in cryptocurrency consulting, follow the link.

Cryptocurrency consulting

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