Video presentation of the investment project
Video presentation of the investment project is a special form of presenting information about the project for potential investors and partners.

VINT Consult together with a professional and experienced filmmaker – Renata Gritskova – provides services of the development of a video presentation of the investment project. It can be either a classic video or an animated video.

Why is such a presentation good?
  • combination of creative and commercial thinking
  • visualization and audiolization of project information
  • ease of familiarization with the material
  • aesthetic appearance

The process of developing a video presentation include:
  1. investment project study
  2. setting goals and objectives
  3. preparation of analytical information for the video
  4. script writing
  5. movie shooting

Video presentation of the investment project is useful:

  • as an addition to the business plan of the investment project
  • when selling a ready business
  • for posting on the project website
  • to advertise the project to a wide audience of potential investors
  • in case of crowdfunding
  • in case of ICO
  • when starting a large project

This is a unique product on the Belarusian market, which is converted into increasing investment attractiveness and raising the project's reputation.

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