Feasibility study

Feasibility study is a document containing information on the appropriateness of financing an investment project and the feasibility of its implementation.

The feasibility study is prepared in the form of a document containing a brief accounting and descriptive part. In fact, a feasibility study is a mini-business plan for an investment project.

The objectives of writing a feasibility study are usually the following:

  • introduction of a new product, a new type of activity within the existing business
  • analysis of the rationality of large purchases or investments in a small project
  • justification for the additional investment of the project
  • attraction of microinvestments
  • sale a part of assets
  • land acquisition for peasant farming

Usually we prepare a feasibility study according to our own standards. If necessary, it is possible to write a feasibility study according to the customer's standards, rules set by the bank or other financial institution, state body, or by other standards.

VINT Consult develops exclusively author's feasibility studies. Our business planners always reflect real scenarios of events, give an objective assessment of the project. Despite the small format of the document, we try to take into account all the most important factors.

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