Business plan of investment project

Business plan of investment project is a business plan that describes the essential aspects of the investment project (strategic, organizational, production, financial, investment, etc.) based on the objectives and analytics.

Investment project is any business project that involves financial investments and the subsequent profit, thanks to those.

Form: The business plan of the investment project is a document that includes an analytical-descriptive part and a system of interrelated indicators (about 40 tables).

The goals of writing such a business plan are usually the following:

  • construction of a program of measures for the implementation of the investment project
  • identify factors that increase efficiency and competitiveness
  • risk assessment, evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the investment project
  • budgeting based on calculations that made for business plan
  • attraction of financing, additional financing of the project
  • selling business, conducting mergers and acquisitions

The process of writing a business plan for an investment project
begins with obtaining the initial data from the customer. A consultant who has experience in the requested field, conducts briefing to business planners on the nuances of a particular industry. Based on the information provided and its own analytics, the planners in the system develop the descriptive and estimated parts of the business plan for the investment project. In hard copy, the document is sent to the client. If there are any clarifying questions regarding this, the client receives detailed explanations.


The business plan of the investment project is developed on its own (VINT-standards), national (Rules for the development of business plans for investment projects approved by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus dated August 31, 2005 No. 158), international (UNIDO, EBRD, KPMG) or foreign standards. Also, it is possible to draw up a plan for the internal standards of organization-customer, in the case of familiarization of our specialists with such.

The business plan prepared by VINT Consult is suitable for providing to any interested person: a bank, a leasing company, a counterparty, a government agency, a private investor. A huge experience and an individual approach is what we guarantee our client. No sample and template, only author's business plans for investment projects.

The result of our work will be:
  • ready-made comprehensive project implementation program
  • detailed expert opinion on the project
  • effective instrument for attracting financing or a foundation for decision-making in the case of self-financing

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