Business development plan

Business development plan is the current business plan of the enterprise, which describes the most important transactions of the company for the forthcoming period (from one year).

Form: Business development plan is a document that includes interrelated descriptive and accounting parts that reflect the company's future activities.

The objectives of writing such a business plan can be:

  • building an activity plan for the coming period
  • risk assessment, forecasting
  • cost design and optimization
  • budgeting based on calculations that made for business plan
  • determination of activities necessary for sustainable growth of the company
  • follow-up control of activities and resource consumption

The process of writing a business development plan:

If the client first turns to the current business plan, its writing begins with obtaining information about the company, the features of its work, organizational, financial, marketing components and customer intentions. At the next stage, an expert in the industry in which the customer works, conducts the necessary instruction to business planners. Based on all this information, our planners develop a business plan for the development of the enterprise.

In the event that the firm turns to VINT Consult repeatedly, we just need to clarify its prospective intentions. After that, we immediately begin to work.

The accompanying explanations on the current plan are provided during the whole period of its validity.


The business development plan is written according to the national (Recommendations on the development of business development forecasts for five years, Recommendations for the development of business plans for the development of commercial organizations for the year, approved by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus of October 30, 2006 No. 186), international (UNIDO , EBRD, KPMG) or foreign standards. In addition, it is possible to apply the standards developed by our consultants or the internal standards of the company-customer.

Our specialists in business planning provided planning, budgeting, forecasting, management accounting and reporting services to a large number of companies from around the world. Current planning is one of the most powerful skills of our team.

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