Business plan expertise

Business plan expertise is a mechanism for analytical verification and assessment of the qualitative and quantitative indicators of a business plan, another similar document, and the level of elaboration of its elements.

Objects of expertise of the business plan can be:

  • business plan of the investment project
  • business development plan
  • investment memorandum
  • feasibility study
  • white paper
  • another written method of complex project description

As a result of the expertise, the consultant issues a conclusion on the criteria:
adequacy of the form of expression, completeness, reliability of facts, relevance and value of the project, other declared criteria.

The objectives of the business plan expertise can be:
  • decision-making on project financing
  • formation of a competent opinion on the project
  • monitoring the quality and completeness of the business plan
  • clarification of the need to rework the business plan, change the approaches to the project
  • analysis of the adequacy of data contained in the business plan
  • assessment of the skills of the employee who developed the business plan


Business plan expertise is carried out according to national (Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus of September 30, 2005 No. 168), international or foreign standards. In addition, it is possible to apply the standards developed by our consultants or the internal standards of the client company.

Thanks to the experience of our experts and an impartial approach to the verification of business plans, we have secured a high reputation among organizations offering such services. VINT Consult fully audits the submitted planning document. The client receives an independent look and answers to all the exciting questions.

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