Remote work
VINT Consult provides assistance in building a remote work system in a company. This practice is implemented in conjunction with legal and IT partners.

Today, the popularity of remote work is growing rapidly. All over the world, the necessary legislative framework, technical tools and management techniques are being created for the development of the institute of remote work.

The benefits of remote work:
  • easy business scaling
  • lower costs for the arrangement of the workplace
  • the ability to hire the best employees from anywhere in the world
  • high attractiveness in the labor market
  • resilience to global disasters

This practice includes:

  • development of remote work business process
  • writing a policy of attracting remote employees (selection procedure, interview script, etc.)
  • development of working conditions for remote workers (reports, schedules, benefits, etc.)
  • preparation of software requirements
  • implementation of a remote employee management software product

In addition, a professional legal partner will ensure the creation of a legal model of remote work (including draft contracts, a legal algorithm for staffing). We have partner law firms in several states. This is necessary to work out the legal structure of distance work for clients from different countries.

VINT Consult's solution will help to implement a remote work system quickly and efficiently. So that it will be convenient for company owners, management, remote employees and their customers.

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