Organizational diagnostics

Organizational diagnostics is the practice of comprehensive testing of business in order to identify potential problems, the causes of existing difficulties in work, growth points and strengths of the company.

Organizational diagnostics includes:

  • strategic analysis of business
  • study of the management system, including business processes and organizational structure
  • marketing research of the company's activities
  • financial analysis of the company
  • HR research

It is best to identify the ineffectiveness of the various elements of business before problems arise. Therefore, the use of organizational diagnostics is quite actual for everybody, including absolutely successful companies. Also, one should not think that this practice only helps to solve or prevent critical moments. It can be resorted to maximize profits too.

Based on the results of organizational diagnostics, a group of our consultants prepares a conclusion describing the initial data, the process of the work performed, the advantages and disadvantages identified, as well as recommendations for improving the business.

Rendering of this service requires deep knowledge of business and huge diligence to take into account all the subtleties. VINT Consult has these qualities and we offer our customers to use them for the benefit of their business.

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