Mentorship means advisory services from experienced businessmen for beginners, intellectual investments in business.

Due to the consulting business, we have studied different businesses from different sides and are ready to invest intellectually in the business of our client and accompany with the necessary advice on any business issues. During mentoring, our brain resource becomes the brain resource of the customer.

Thanks to mentorship from VINT Consult, the client gets the opportunity to:

- learn how to negotiate
- develop the necessary skills for business
- receive practical recommendations on the issues of strategy, management, finance, marketing, personnel, planning, emerging in practice
- take advantage of our experience and experience of our clients
- decide on the development strategy

Considering that the client of mentoring services is a novice businessperson, we are flexible in the formation of their value. But at the same time, we do not take every company for mentoring, but only the most interesting projects.

Mentoring services are provided exclusively by the partners of the company, those for whom the VINT Consult is not only work to help the entrepreneur, but also their business.

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