Investment attraction
VINT Consult provides consulting services on investment attraction. We attract investments in startups at any stage and in existing businesses.

Investment project servicing usually consists of three stages:

1. Research

  • determining the degree of its attractiveness
  • determining the ability of a project to be funded
  • assessment of the need of improvement
  • identifying possible financing methods
  • building an investment search roadmap

This study takes place in the form of rapid analysis

Result: conclusion on the above positions.

If necessary or at the request of the customer, other deeper studies of the project can be additionally carried out.

2. Improvement 

Basis: results of rapid analysis.

  • increasing the investment attractiveness of the project
  • meeting investor requirements
  • detailed project development
  • risk reduction both at the stage of search for financing and at the stage of project launch

Possible types of improvements:
  • development, refinement of a business plan, offering memorandum, feasibility study
  • marketing research
  • collection of documents required for the investor
  • negotiations with potential counterparties
  • preparation of the presentation, project website
  • others depending on the type of project and the chosen type of investment attraction

packaged business project.

A number of refinement functions can be performed by partner organizations.

3. Brokerage

Direct work to attract funding.

We work with both private and institutional investors.

Private investors:
  • clients of VINT Consult on other consulting services
  • clients who have applied to search of the investment object

Institutional investors:
  • banks
  • leasing companies
  • investment companies and funds

Alternative options:

  • crowdfunding

Opportunities from our partners:
  • professional securities market participants: IPO, issuance of bonds, other opportunities with securities
  • real estate agencies: attracting investment in construction or real estate
  • law firms: attracting certain types of foreign capital

launch of investment project.

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