Institutional investor
Institutional investor is a legal entity that owns pools of money that are used as a contribution to business projects, securities, real estate, other assets and/ or are provided in the form of loans, credits or on a different return basis.

VINT Consult together with partners provides full support of the creation of an institutional investor.

Why institutional investing is profitable?

  • risk diversification
  • co-investors
  • professional investment management
  • decision making is based on rules

There are many varieties of institutional investors. Today, VINT Consult together with partners can help in creating the following types:
  1. bank
  2. leasing company
  3. insurance company
  4. microfinance organization
  5. private equity fund
  6. venture fund
  7. mutual fund
  8. joint stock investment fund
  9. real estate investment trust (REIT)
  10. cryptocurrency fund
  11. microinvestment fund

Institutional investor creation services by VINT Consult:
  • selection of the form of institutional investor
  • research
  • drawing up a roadmap and budget for creating an institutional investor
  • development of the financial structure of the company
  • writing institutional investor strategy
  • product consulting
  • development of investment policy
  • branding
  • organizational structure design
  • business process visualization
  • creating an institutional investor promotion strategy
  • business plan preparation
  • designing system of motivation for management
  • selection of qualified management

After launching an institutional investor, we can also:
  • become an Investment committee on outsourcing
  • conduct due diligence of incoming projects and businesses
  • carry out financial structuring of transactions
  • conduct business plan expertises
  • produce marketing audit
  • involve co-investors in the company itself or in the project
  • organize the resale of the project to a new investor

In addition, as part of consulting for investors, we can conduct an analysis of existing institutional investors in order to invest capital in such.

Our partners will provide the following support:

  • law firms: legal support of registration and other procedures related to the start of activities, legal support of investment and other financial transactions, legal due diligence of projects and businesses, legal support of activities, other legal advice
  • IT companies: website creation, business software, digital marketing
  • marketing agencies: marketing promotion of institutional investor
  • audit companies: audit of ready-made businesses before purchase, audit of the accounting of the institutional investor
  • professional securities market participants: assistance in launching investment funds that are joint-stock companies, qualified assistance in working with securities and derivatives
  • real estate agencies: search and sale of real estate

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