Consulting for investor
VINT Consult provides investment banking services (investment consulting) for private and institutional investors in Belarus and other countries of the world.

Successful investment can only be provided in case of a detailed study of the object of investment. History knows few cases where intuitive investing has been successful. Professional services will help improve the safety and efficiency of investments.

We provide the following consulting services for investors:

  • writing investment strategy, diversification strategy
  • comprehensive examination of the investment object in financial and management matters (due diligence)
  • services of the Investment Committee (consideration of applications for investment)
  • selection of the project, business for investment
  • investment risk management consulting
  • full support of the creation of investment department
  • financial structuring of an investment transaction
  • control of the use of investment funds
  • oral and written investment advice

Investment opportunities by VINT Consult:

  1. startups
  2. acting business
  3. full support of the creation and operation of the business
  4. ready-made business ideas
  5. franchises
  6. creating of institutional investor
  7. investment in existing institutional investor
  8. bank deposits
  9. cryptocurrency

Opportunities from partner companies:

  • real estate agencies: real estate investments
  • professional securities market participants: investments in securities, derivatives
  • law firms: legal due diligence, legal support of investment transaction, legal protection of investments
  • audit companies: pre-sale business audit

VINT Consult, LLC (Payer’s registration number 191689433)

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