Turnkey crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is a way of attracting collective investments in small amounts from a large number of people, mainly via Internet.

This is a modern and effective way to collect money for the project. It is easy to implement, both for the applicant and for the investor. And thanks to the ability to invest small amounts, crowdfunding is available to a wide range of people.

In addition, during the crowdfunding, a preliminary marketing of the product takes place and the reaction of potential consumers to the product is checked.

There are the following types of crowdfunding:
  • donation crowdfunding – donor gets nothing in return
  • reward crowdfunding – donor receives a non-financial reward, most often the product of the recipient
  • debt crowdfunding (crowdlending– donor receives a return of debt and interest
  • equity crowdfunding (crowdinvesting– donor gets an equity in the project

There are many platforms for hosting crowdfunding projects. In addition, it’s now popular to create own website for a crowdfunding project and to raise funds through it.

VINT Consult provides full support of organization of crowdfunding campaigns.

Our company will implement the following consulting services:

  • project management
  • choice of type of crowdfunding
  • writing a crowdfunding campaign plan (including a roadmap and budget)
  • refinement of the business model and project architecture
  • creating a business project plan for investors
  • selection of platforms for project placement
  • video script development
  • selection of contractors to promote the project and shoot a video
  • other business consulting

We comprehensively provide crowdfunding campaigns with all necessary services.

Services that are not within our competence are performed by our partners:

  • law firms: legal entity registration, construction of legal model of crowdfunding campaign, other legal advice
  • IT companies: project website, fundraising technology solution, mobile application of project
  • other partners: video shooting, campaign promotion services, production of product prototype, etc.

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