Franchise packaging

Franchising is a modern and popular way of developing a distribution network. The owner of a brand (franchisor) transfers the right to use such (franchise) to another company (franchisee). A franchise is a complex of rights to use branded components, as well as the right and duty to use the franchisor's business model.

Advantages of a franchise model

For franchisor

For franchisee

  • brand development
  • relatively passive income
  • development of new markets
  • wider analysis of the consumer reaction
  • expansion of partnerships
  • ready and famous brand
  • ready-made and tested business model
  • mutual promotion with the franchisor and other franchisees
  • consulting support from the franchisor

VINT Consult provides consulting on packaging and selling a franchise.
In the process of business, we have come into contact with many franchise businesses and know many of the subtleties of their functioning.

Franchise packaging includes:

  • prefranchising analysis
  • study and optimization of the business model
  • design of franchise architecture
  • branding
  • writing a business plan for franchising
  • setting up a franchise sales strategy
  • creation of a franchise management system
  • accompanying consultations

The size of the company and the amount of profit for the purposes of franchising do not matter. To become a successful franchise, a business must have many unique and extraordinary qualities. There are just the things that we are good in identification and generation.

Following the link below, you can see our customers' franchises that are for sale.


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