Creatoring© is VINT Consult’s copyright practice that means to create business idea from scratch and to give full support of its implementation.

In accordance with our vision, creative services in the near future will form the basis of consulting, because they carry the greatest value in building of a client’s business.

The business area will be recommended based on the following factors:

  • client's experience, knowledge, education and interests
  • client's financial capabilities
  • possible project team
  • current business of the client (if available)
  • current market conditions
  • the state in which the client lives or wants to do business
  • other subjective and objective factors

After determining the business direction, we will prepare a detailed business plan, which will include:
  • project business model, product description
  • organizational structure and business process
  • market analysis and marketing strategy
  • production and technical plan
  • risk management plan
  • financial plan
  • HR plan
  • development strategy

The packaging of the project will include a complete design of the commercial, functional and technical aspects of the project. As addition to business plan we will provide all the accompanying consultations about the implementation of the project.

At the stage of project implementation, we will provide the following services:
  • management outsourcing
  • recruitment and team building
  • search of partners, suppliers and service companies
  • technical software development
  • problem solving

Due to a wide network of consulting partners around the world, VINT Consult can provide creatoring services in almost any part of our planet.

Partner companies can provide the following services:
  • business registration
  • drawing up contracts
  • legal and accounting support
  • audit of financial statements
  • selection of real estate
  • supplies of industrial equipment and raw materials
  • architectural and construction services

In some projects we also engage sectoral experts to model process more deeply.

Why choose us?
  • Creative approach at all stages of design and implementation of idea.
  • Comprehensive help.
  • Customization of each solution.

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