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The economic crisis is a broad concept, it can mean as a crisis in the activities of a particular company, a crisis in the economic sector, a crisis in the country and even a global economic crisis. Most often this concept is perceived as a negative phenomenon. However, many experts note that the crisis, in addition to threats, also provides a number of opportunities. In turn, it is not true to see a collapse in the crisis. If the enterprise changes in time, most of the possible problems will be overcome.

It is not for nothing that, in Greek, "κρίσις" is translated as a solution. It is time to make effective business solutions.

Anticrisis consulting of an enterprise from the economic crisis, while this may be due to external (socio-economic, market, environmental) and internal (managerial, marketing, production) factors.

VINT Consult provides anti-crisis consulting services, aims to resume the normal operation of the company.

Anticrisis consulting includes the following stages:

  1. introductory consultation
  2. diagnostics and analytics
  3. choice of ways to change
  4. design changes
  5. implementation of changes

During the first two stages, the probability of further viability of the company will be determined. If it makes sense to continue further activities, we select for the customer a set of consulting services for recovery and way out of the crisis. If further activity does not make sense (the type of activity has lost relevance, recovery is impossible), we support the client in new undertakings and help to part with the current business with minimal losses.

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