Presentation of the concept of Smart City Minsk
On November 21, 2019, at the IT-country forum, the former mayor of Minsk, CEO of MotoVeloZavod LLC Nikolay Alexandrovich Ladutko, together with VINT Consult partners Trofim Eremenko and Timofey Polomannyy, presented the concept of digital transformation of the Belarusian capital Smart City Minsk.

The forum was held at the National Library of the Republic of Belarus. The forum was organized by the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship (RCE) and the IT portal KV.BY.

The initiators of the concept are VINT Consult LLC and MotoVeloZavod LLC. The essence of the concept is to increase the efficiency and comfort of urban life through the use of new technologies. The basic principle of the concept is the single window principle.

The concept of "Smart City Minsk" includes 11 units that cover most areas of urban life. For the high-quality implementation of each unit, project initiators attract partners from relevant industries. 

We announced at this forum that the financing of the project will be carried out in various ways without the need for investments from the state budget. Among the methods of attracting financing, we will use: ICOs, crowdinvesting, joint ventures, bank loans and leasing, and others.

Full implementation of the concept will entail increasing the attractiveness of Minsk for tourists and investors, improving the quality of life of citizens and developing entrepreneurial initiative.

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