Nodar Gigolashvili became Associate Partner of VINT Consult in Georgia

On August 27, 2019 Nodar Aleksandrovich Gigolashvili became an associate partner of VINT Consult in Georgia.

Nodar Gigolashvili has a long history of owning and managing his own business. Nodar Alexandrovich possesses the most in-depth knowledge in the field of manufacturing industry.

Mr. Gigolashvili’s experience and reputation will be useful to our company to expand the boundaries of our activities.

The cooperation of VINT Consult with Nodar Gigolashvili will include:

  • consulting services for clients from Georgia
  • assistance in the creation and development of business and innovative projects in Belarus and Georgia
  • joint efforts to attract business and investors in Belarus and Georgia
  • establishing partnerships between clients from Belarus and Georgia

We are grateful to Nodar Aleksandrovich for agreeing to work with us!

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